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In a new age of Discovery!

An artist and a programmer embark on a journey to create mobile applications. Sounds like the beginning of a joke but it’s not!

We discovered that together we can make beautiful and useful applications for all ages!

Take a look at some of our projects.


Munch Buddies

Do you ever have a problem deciding where and with who to meet for lunch while at work or for diner, coffee and drinks on your spare time?

We found a solution with our first application. We named it MunchBuddies.


  • Beautiful, readable and very user-friendly design.

  • Easily select people from your contacts to invite them for lunch or dinner, coffee or drinks…

  • Create a list of yours or your group’s favorite places for quick access.

  • Use SMS messages within the app to send an invite. Your contacts do not need to have our application installed to receive and respond to your invite.

  • Easily check their reply within the app.